Throughout this 2022 event, we will have specialist workshops on day 1 along with three parallel tracks on day 1 and a total of 4 parallel tracks on day 2 showcasing a wide range of presentations spread over a total of six distinct zones. Click over each of the zones for further details.


These workshops will be organised by PCE directly. The topics in consideration are Data Analytics & Net zero and sustainibility in Project Controls.

Tuesday 15th November

Data Analytics Workshop - Data Analytics with Power BI for Project Controls
09:00 - 12:30 (morning session)
Hosted by:
Jeancarlo Duran Maica

Net zero and sustainability in Project Controls - Social projects workshop
14:05 - 16:50 (afternoon session)
Hosted by:
Ruchi Singh & Carol Deveney


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Our technology partners will be presenting seven in-depth 45-minutes sessions where they will demonstrate the functionality and capabilities of their innovative products via case studies that includes a problem statement and technological solution.
We are dedicated to self-improvement so, the Innovations Zone is an incubator for bold new project controls’ ideas, and a place where they can be openly discussed. It provides a space for our experts from across the professions to share concepts for managing projects, with new ways of thinking. In this way, 'best practice' rises to the top and new ideas are perfected.
“Real World” problems and issues are what brings the application of project controls alive. This case-study zone enables you to discuss the application of specific project controls process and how they address the problems in a real-life project environment with clear reference to real project supported by relevant stakeholders."
We treat Megaprojects as large-scale, complex ventures with budgets of >$1 billion They take many years to develop and build but make a long-lasting impact on the economy, environment and society affecting millions of people. Here you will discover how to use sound governance, while protecting the investments megaprojects represent.
The Masterclass Zone presents a fantastic opportunity to study and discuss the theory and practice of project controls. Our highly experienced project controls’ professionals from around the world, will provide 7 educational presentations that enable you to build and enhance your knowledge and skillset.
PCE is fully embracing digital ways of working in construction: The use of technological innovations such as BIM, robotics, virtual and augmented reality and modular/offsite construction, enables building digitally before building on site so as to be mindful of climate.

The Smart Construction Zone will discuss the various tools, technologies, and contracts involved in the generation and management of digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places through discussing their application on real-life projects and/or the latest advancements.

There will be an equal emphasis on carbon efficiency highlighting the need for continuous measurement and management of carbon through all project stages, basing project decisions on CO2 emissions as well as health, safety, cost, time and quality.