On the first day of Project Controls Expo in United Kingdom, we will be hosting a series of specialist workshops for Data Analytics and Net zero & sustainability in Project Controls.


Monday 15 November
  • Data Analytics Workshop - Data Analytics with Power BI for Project Controls
    • 09:00 - 12:30 (morning session) – Hosted by
      Jeancarlo Duran Maica
  • Net Zero and Sustainability in Project Controls - Social Projects Workshop
    • 14:05 - 16:50 (afternoon session) – Hosted by
      Ruchi Singh & Carol Deveney

Limited places available – Advance bookings required.

Full workshops content:

The workshop will present a comprehensive approach on a practical Application of Power BI in Project Controls. The principles shown in this workshop will allow any professional, with little or no experience in programming language, build insightful dashboards and get the most out of their project data. You will learn Power BI by solving a real project controls problem through a case study and working as a BI Consultant. The objective is to tackle the most challenging project control reporting issues in half the time and with a high-impact solution that will mesmerize your colleagues.

  • Learners will know how to properly administer the Power BI interface and its reporting architecture and build their first project progress report
  • Learn how to prevent errors associated with manual data entry and consolidation
  • Unlock specific project control visuals to enhance team performance, productivity, and communication.

Business Intelligence is disrupting the status quo in the project management world by offering simple, straightforward alternatives for digesting large volumes of data in the most complex projects. Use the power of BI technology to focus on forward looking activities to improve project predictability, leverage multiple methods of capturing data and bridge the gap between rigid “integrated” project control tools Nonetheless, Power BI is not here to replace project control software. On the contrary, Power BI, fuelled by project control tools and/or databases, will automate the reporting cycle and act as an integrator of all sources of information with consumer-tailored reports. Power BI can help project managers see the bigger picture and track projects more efficiently, get rid of manual reporting, and spend more time in performance analysis. The key objectives of this Power BI for Project Controls workshop are:

  • Automate data loads from external project control systems (using SAP excel dumps)
  • Prevent errors associated with manual data entry and consolidation
  • Drill-down to transaction level detail
  • Quick identification of project performance problems at the desired granularity
  • Share interactive reports with your project team members

Each module will introduce you to the key skills and knowledge of Power BI and Data Analytics within the context of an applied project controls use case. The workshop will introduce the following topics that are part of the Microsoft Data Analyst Certification learning path:

  • Prepare the data
  • Model the data 
  • Visualize the data  
  • Analyze the data  
  • Deploy and maintain deliverables 

Power BI is becoming one of the most used tools on the market for all industries and engineering and construction will not be the exception.

Upon completion of the workshop, each participant will know how to tackle one of the most recurrent problems in project controls: How to automate data collection for reporting. By using automated analytics in Power BI, participants will be able to implement this knowledge immediately into their day-to-day work. Stand out from the crowd simply by creating a real-time dashboard that provides insights into the project that your peers have never seen before (and all at the click of a button!).







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