This is a call for papers for the Project Controls Expo 2022 scheduled to take place from June 7th to June 9th 2022. The shortlisted papers get an opportunity to present/speak at Project Controls Expo and also gets inclusion on the Project Controls Expo website (technical papers) section. All the approved papers will also be included on (unless the author chooses not to take up this option).

Papers are invited for the following zones and must be within the domain of Project Controls.

“Real World” problems and issues are what brings the application of project controls alive. This case-study zone enables you to discuss the application of project controls and how they address the problems in a real-life project environment. This zone provides an opportunity to learn and share knowledge with others.
We treat Megaprojects as large-scale, complex ventures with budgets of >$1 billion They take many years to develop and build but make a long-lasting impact on the economy, environment and society affecting millions of people. Here you will discover how to use sound governance, while protecting the investments megaprojects represent.
The Masterclass Zone presents a fantastic opportunity to study and discuss the theory and practice of project controls. Our highly experienced project controls’ professionals from around the world, will provide 24 educational presentations that enable you to build and enhance your knowledge and skillset.
We are dedicated to self-improvement so, the Innovations Zone is an incubator for bold new project controls’ ideas, and a place where they can be openly discussed. It provides a space for our experts from across the professions to share concepts for managing projects, with new ways of thinking. In this way, 'best practice' rises to the top and new ideas are perfected.
Our technology partners will be presenting seven in-depth 45-minutes sessions where they will demonstrate the functionality and capabilities of their innovative products. The partners will provide industry case-studies, and some will be represented by their clients from industry.
We are pleased to include BIM at Project Controls Expo Virtual to highlight advancements of digital construction and its integration within Project Controls. Delegates are expected to find out the latest developments in this growing discipline, along with its application on a range of projects.
This stream discusses the fundamental elements of Project Controls disciplines in details. This zone provides further education and understanding aimed for beginners and intermediate Project Controls professionals. This is an exceptional opportunity for individuals who have just entered the Project Controls profession or who wish to gain insight on the various sub-functions of Project Controls.


Key dates in 2022

28 January: Abstract & Paper submission due
25 February: Notification of abstract acceptance / decline
25 March: Presentation preparation in the provided template
29 April: Notification of presentation acceptance / decline
20 May: Final submission with requested changes (if any)
7-9 June: Presentation at the Expo


Key terms, conditions and notes for submission of paper:

  • To present a paper, it must be submitted along with the abstract.
  • The deadline for submitting the paper is Friday 28 January 2022.
  • The main paper must be in MS Word format. An additional Adobe PDF format copy would also be helpful.
  • The paper must be within the domain of Project Controls (Planning and Scheduling​, Decision and Risk Management, Cost Engineering and Estimation​, Scope and Change Management​, Earned Value Management & Reporting​, Forensics, Dispute and Claims Management, BIM and Information Management​, General Project Controls I.e., integration and/or interface with wider project functions)
  • An abstract of the paper must be of 100-175 words maximum and should address the major aspects of your paper. Summarize the scope and nature of the work upon which the paper is based. Note the relative emphasis of the paper on either research work or practical applications for projects. Describe the results presented in the paper and state specific conclusions of your work. Describe how these differ from results or conclusions of previous work on the same or similar subjects.
  • Paper must be within 1500-2500 words and must contain:
    1 - Abstract
    2 - Introduction
    3 - Brief author profile (no more than 100 words)
    4 - Conclusion
    5 - Acronyms (if any used )
    6 - Bibliography
    7 - Acknowledgements.
  • Papers may not contain actual intellectual property data and must focus on developing and describing concepts for practising Project Controls professionals. In general, please note this is NOT an appropriate forum for academic papers that are highly theoretical.
  • Papers centred on commercial products or endorsements will not be accepted.
  • Acceptance of your paper is not a guarantee that your paper will be included in competition; the technical evaluation/peer review of your paper will determine whether or not your paper will be accepted for award.
  • Once the paper is accepted, the copyrights of the paper will be owned by Project Controls Expo/Online.
  • Paper and presentation can be delivered in any of the following languages – English/ Mandarin Chinese/ Hindi/ Spanish/ Arabic/ Russian/ Portuguese/ German/ Japanese

In addition to abstract & your paper, please include the following information in your paper:

  • Full Name (Incl. email, phone, country and company)
  • Primary Author (Incl. name, phone, email, country and company)
  • Secondary Author/s (Incl. name, phone, email, country and company)
  • Subject Category (General Project Controls, Earned Value Management, Planning, Scheduling, Cost Engineering, Cost Estimating, Project Risk Management, Project Change Management and/or Forensic Schedule Analysis)
  • Signed disclaimer stating you are the content owner and do not infringe any copyrights.


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