Starting in October 2022, the Project Controls Expo will be held in Washington, DC. We've been motivated to serve the North American Project Controls communities after the success of our annual events in London and Melbourne. We modified the event with some additional aspects to satisfy the local cultural requirements, with the fundamental theme in accordance with the UK and Australia models.

The Project Controls Expo is the world's largest international project controls event/conference, dedicated to the progress of project controls with the goal of giving substantial practical and theoretical awareness on process, tools, and approaches to stakeholders. This show is the most important event for people working in the Project Controls field, not only in terms of educational opportunities, but also in terms of networking and career opportunities. Practitioners, employers, customers, and suppliers are brought together under one roof to share information, expertise, best practices, career development, and software tools. A variety of training, technical, and managerial presentations from some of the industry's greatest professionals will benefit practitioners and employers (including sponsors).

Beginners to senior/director level Project Controls professionals, as well as the Project Management fraternity, are among the delegates at Project Controls Expo. The focus of the exhibition is solely on the implementation of Project Controls methodologies, and it is not industry specific. As a result, specialists from a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, aerospace, rail/transport, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, and construction, are encouraged to attend.

The Project Controls Expo in Washington, DC, will serve as a North American regional conference, with attendees expected from all of the surrounding countries. There are significant infrastructure projects underway in this region, and we can provide Expo delegates with a terrific networking and learning atmosphere. We have already received pledges from international speakers and organizations to participate in this exciting event in 2022.“

"Expo is a celebration of Project Controls," explains the summary. It will emphasize the importance of project controls and the impact they may have when used properly.


4th & 6th October 2022

Expected Turnout

Between 600 to 800 delegates
(excluding exhibitors, speakers
and support staff)

Industries to be represented

Oil & Gas, Construction,
Rail, Infrastructure, Defence
and Government to name a few

Expected Audience

All levels, from beginners
to professional
How to travel to National's Park


Day 1 - 4 October 2022

Activity Day (Nationals Stadium)


Speed Pitching


Batting Practice


Day 2 - 5 October 2022

Two Workshops zones focusing on AI & Net zero and sustainability in Project Controls & two Zones focusing on Technology and Case studies as well as Partner Showcase.


Workshop on AI and TBC
Morning Session

13:35 – 17:05

Workshop on AI and Net zero
and sustainability in Project
Controls Afternoon Session

09:40 – 12:30

Technology Zone & Case
Studies Zone Morning Session

13:35 – 17:05

Technology Zone & Case Studies
Zone Afternoon session

09:40 – 17:05

Partner Showcase Full day




Drinks reception

19:00 - 19:05

Partner opening remarks

19:05 - 19:20

Cultural performance

19:20 - 20:50


20:50 - 22:00

Post dinner drinks & carriages

Day 3 - 6 October 2022