Throughout this 2024 event, we have specialist workshops and 3 parallel tracks on day 1 and a total of four parallel tracks on day 2, showcasing a wide range of presentations spread over a total of 6 distinct zones. Click over each of the zones for further details.


“Real World” problems and issues are what brings the application of project controls alive. This case-study zone enables you to discuss the application of specific project controls process and how they address the problems in a real-life project environment with clear reference to real project supported by relevant stakeholders."
Project controls and project management are not the same things; in fact, project controls are a function of project management. The zone looks to discuss topics on how the effective application of Project Controls would allow the right information flow to all stakeholders, including Project Management, to take the right decisions at the right time for a successful project outcome.
In this zone, we look to discuss various models discussing integration between Project Controls and Project Management along with case studies to demonstrate the benefits of this approach.
This zone explores how digitalisation, disruption, and innovation are shaping the upstream and downstream oil and gas industry from a Project delivery perspective. In this zone, we aim to analyse key challenges and opportunities facing the industry with a focus on strategies for assembling a technology, data interoperability, and understanding the rapidly changing global economic climate with the single objective of achieving a successful project delivery in a sustainable way.

We look to hearing from operators, oil service companies, EPCs, energy institutes and associations, drilling companies, exploration and production companies, integration solution providers, academics, and technology innovators in this zone.
We are dedicated to self-improvement so, the Innovations Zone is an incubator for bold new project controls’ ideas, and a place where they can be openly discussed. It provides a space for our experts from across the professions to share concepts for managing projects, with new ways of thinking. In this way, 'best practice' rises to the top and new ideas are perfected.
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The Construction Zone aims to discuss the application of Project Controls on large construction projects in addition to the utilisation of various digital tools, technologies, and contracts involved along with their application on real-life projects and/or the latest advancements.

There will be an equal emphasis on carbon efficiency highlighting the need for continuous measurement and management of carbon through all project stages, basing project decisions on CO2 emissions as well as health, safety, cost, time and quality.
Our technology partners will be presenting seven in-depth 45-minutes sessions where they will demonstrate the functionality and capabilities of their innovative products via case studies that includes a problem statement and technological solution.